"My life has been greatly enriched by playing bellow instruments.
I hope other people will have the same experience.

Background information

 I built this site because I was looking for videos on learning to  play the button accordion. Because I was unable to find them anywhere, I made them myself. I have played the piano accordion for years and the melodeon for about a decade . My activities on the melodeon can be viewed on www.ggms.nl

I have developed this course with great pleasure and enthusiasm, initially to learn how to play the button accordion myself. Now that I play the instrument on an acceptable level , I’d love to share my knowledge with others. Do not expect technical feats or virtuous riffs , you can find enough of that on YouTube.

What I share are the first steps that each chromatic button accordion player will have to learn. I try to teach these through enjoyable small melodies. I hope to arouse your enthusiasm to practice, because practicing is most of the work, just practice and play in the living room especially playing with the button accordion . Until one day, almost automatically, your fingers will move to the buttons and a melody will sound .


Contributing to the development of this site

My life has been greatly enriched by playing bellow instruments. I hope other people will have the same experience.  For that reason, the video course is free to view.
There is, however, a lot of work in creating a website, videos , translations, etc. As well as many expenses in managing the site and owning a decent camera and instrument.

If you wish to support my work, which I would really appreciate, you can donate any amount to the
account number : NL34 ASNB 0708 8676 26 name: G. Gerritsen  in Zwanenburg The Netherlands, with message: donation button accordion.
In this way you directly contribute to the maintenance of this website, and future extensions .
You can also donate on an easier way any amount bij clicking on this button.

Are you financially less fortunate, but do you appreciate my initiatives? Spreading my site elsewhere on the internet, or by talking with others, I also appreciated.
You can also send a message through the contact form with remarks or feedback. This will not cost you anything , but can give my day a nice shine.